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Make your business meetings and events action-oriented with measurable outcomes through the power of collaboration and sharing.

Business meetings and events consume a large part of the day in any organization. If you can ensure attendees are well prepared with all relevant information, have a way to collaborate and review information after the meeting and to track and follow up on decisions, this can have a key impact on business growth and the bottom line.

After all, attendees are eventually responsible to convert decisions into concrete actions for the ultimate benefit of the business. With e-Meetings, you have a tool that can help you ensure that meetings are not, as they are infamously known for, “a waste of time”.


  • Dedicated Meeting Workspaces
  • Meeting Scheduling based on attendee availability
  • Meeting Invitations And Response Tracking
  • Searchable meeting artefacts
  • Assign & track tasks


  • Suitable for internal meetings, seminars and all types of events
  • Automatically creates a collaborative workspace for each meeting
  • Checks and notifies scheduling conflicts
  • Keeps all attendees informed
  • Share meeting documents
  • Track pre and post-meeting action points


  • Native integration with Outlook
  • Compatible with All standard calendar formats
  • Integrated Picture library for event pictures
  • Advanced Search through archives for information about past meetings
  • Co-authoring of documents


  • Simplifies the planning and scheduling process
  • Brings about a higher ROI on time spent in meetings
  • Improved productivity through action point tracking
  • Easily integrates with various tools like Outlook, Google Calendar etc.

Some of the tools and technologies we have worked with include:

  • Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft® Business Intelligence