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Cloud Services
We manage cloud for you

A Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, C3IT brings in extensive expertise to transition to the Cloud, securely and with minimal disruption.

Businesses today must necessarily invest in the cloud to meet rapidly changing business demands, lower infrastructure costs while ensuring high levels of security for critical business information.

C3IT offers a full range of bundled cloud services that help reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, improve availability and mitigate disruption risks, while you focus on your core business.



  • Study the existing IT Applications and Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Design the Strategy and Implementation Plan for transitioning to the Cloud
  • Evaluate Cloud Service Delivery Models – IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
  • Match Cloud Deployment Models to business needs – Public, Private & Hybrid

Consulting Services On Cloud

Building a cloud strategy is challenging; you need to consider data security, compliance, performance, cost and business continuity.

Our cloud experts help select the cloud deployment (public, private or hybrid) most appropriate for your business, the cloud service delivery model, and post-deployment help you manage your applications and infrastructure (IaaS).

Cloud Consulting Services cover:

  • Overall Architecture Planning
  • Cloud Deployment Model Assessment
  • IaaS, SaaS & PaaS Selection

Application Development On Cloud

Whether building an online marketplace, a website, a mobile application or a heavily used internal application; cloud platform services facilitate rapid application development.

Opt to leverage the cloud purely as infrastructure or consume the wide range of services for media streaming, mobile engagement, contextual user notifications etc. Reduce costs, paying only when you consume the services.

Cloud Application Development offering includes:

  • Application Development using pre-built services (PaaS)
  • Integration with on-premise applications
  • Data exchange with SaaS applications
  • API design and deployment

Migration and Deployment On Cloud

Seamlessly migrate existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud with minimal disruption to business.

The cloud application architecture is fine-tuned based on usage patterns and scalability needs. Additionally, integration with other on premise or cloud applications is factored into the overall architecture.

Cloud Migration and Deployment Services:

  • Infrastructure Migration (IaaS)
  • Application Migration (IaaS and/or PaaS)
  • Database Migration (IaaS and/or PaaS)

This offer is valid until 31 March 2017 and places are limited.

Azure Everywhere Workshop

Azure Everywhere is designed to cover four days of professional services which can be used to deliver an onsite Azure Everywhere Workshop and/or Proof of Concept.

The Workshop agenda will be customized to suit your needs. Typically, the two-day Cloud Azure Everywhere Workshop covers:

  • In-depth review of how Azure can help you achieve your business and IT goals
  • Hands-on session on Azure
  • A Proof of Concept to help you transition to the Cloud (free of charge)

Other Customers have benefitted from exploring some commonly used Azure scenarios such as:

  • IAAS – storage, compute, test & dev etc.
  • PAAS – web apps, mobile apps SQL
  • Azure Backup and Site Disaster Recovery