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Intelligent Automation Services
Leap into the future of work with AI-led innovation.

Infuse AI into your business processes with our intelligent automation services. We offer readiness assessment and advisory on creating the most reliable framework and strategy, with a focus on change management.

At C3IT, we deliver cutting-edge AI-powered automation solutions that will optimize your business processes. Our expert-driven innovative Intelligent Automation Services helps handle mundane tasks, leaving more productive time for skilled work, unleashing unprecedented employee potential and propelling business growth.

Document intelligence

Streamline and automate complex document processing workflows and enhance operational efficiency with C3IT’s document intelligence solutions. Leverage the power of AI to extract actionable insights from structured and unstructured data, such as invoices, contracts, forms, PDFs, and handwritten notes – faster and more accurate.

Process intelligence

Optimize your business processes and enhance efficiency with C3IT’s AI-powered process intelligence solutions. Analyze business processes to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks using process mining and task mining techniques using Artificial Intelligence. Get insights and recommendations to automate and improve processes, resulting in increased business value.

Conversational AI

Achieve strategic business outcomes by automating, personalizing, and optimizing every interaction with your customers, employees, and partners through C3IT’s Conversational AI solutions. We build tailored AI chatbots for your specific business requirements and integrate them with your existing digital channels and platforms for a seamless conversational AI experience.

Have a specific use case for intelligent automation services in your business or want to explore more? We can help you.

C3GPT – Accelerate generative AI adoption with our enterprise-grade GPT tool

Dive into a pool of possibilities with our enterprise-grade generative AI tool – C3GPT. Give impetus to your business growth and enjoy unprecedented productivity gains and cost-effective transformation. C3GPT is a Microsoft Azure-based generative AI accelerator. The gen-AI tool seamlessly integrates with your digital ecosystem and works exclusively on your enterprise data. The tool doesn’t store your chats or any enterprise data, ensuring complete safety and privacy of the data.