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This is the age of ‘digital’; intranet portals versus notice boards and memos; workflows versus paper forms; document repositories versus file cabinets or file-shares; and the list goes on.

e-Green Office is a suite of components that will get you started quickly on the journey towards a paperless office. Includes pre-built components; an intranet for corporate communications; a document management solution and a meeting workspace solution. Over and above this, select from a range of workflow templates and portals that suit your business.

Considering the pace at which your business needs to grow and your need to ensure employees are up-to-date and productive from day one; it is essential to have your business software applications integrated under a single umbrella. e-Green Office gives you such a platform; yields tremendous cost savings and improved business productivity.


  • Ready to use intranet portal for internal communications
  • Meeting workspaces for team and Customer meetings
  • Document management with compliance
  • A choice of automated processes for replacing paper forms
  • Built on SharePoint, a scalable integrated environment


  • Intranet with pre-built collaboration features
  • Collaborative platform for managing team and Customer meetings
  • Workflows for HR, Admin and helpdesk processes
  • Track service requests status and response time


  • Role based single sign access
  • Provision to integrate with Business  applications
  • Notification framework for  alerts based on SLAs
  • Escalation provision 
  • Integrated components on a single platform


  • Reduce paper usage and save costs
  • Get visibility and Ensure Accountability
  • Comply with internal & Customer SLAs