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Intelligent Document Processing
Transform document processing with C3IT’s AI-powered document intelligence solutions and unearth actionable insights from your structured and unstructured data.

Steer away from errors and inefficiencies with intelligent document processing

C3IT’s AI-powered data intelligence solutions will strengthen your decision making with deeper insights from your enterprise data spread across your data sources in structured and unstructured formats. Built on cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, ML, NLP, RPA, and OCR, our automation solutions will replace manual human efforts in document processing and eliminate the room for human errors and inefficiencies. Have quintillions of data to process? Don’t worry. Experts at C3IT deliver the most scalable and efficient intelligent document processing solutions tailored to your needs.

Did you know?

Intelligent document processing can help you save $878,000 that errors in manual document processing would cost annually.

C3IT’s intelligent document processing solutions can help you save on operating costs while enhancing document intelligence.

C3IT’s intelligent document processing solutions – what’s in it for you?

Your enterprise data holds immense potential. Our intelligent solutions will help you tap into this unprecedented potential and catapult your business growth.

80% reduction in dependency on human capital

60% reduction in document processing time

85% reduction in time-to-market

Highly scalable to align with business needs

Improve Productivity

The C3IT advantage

With over two decades of expertise, C3IT, your trusted Microsoft partner, delivers robust and scalable intelligent document processing solutions. Our experts deliver comprehensive solutions for end-to-end document processing. Whether structured documents like receipts or unstructured documents like emails, our IDP solutions process every document in your organization with the aid of AI.

Want to tap into the true power of your enterprise data with IDP?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Intelligent document processing (IDP) uses cutting-edge technologies such as OCR, ML, NLP, and other AI technologies to automate data extraction and analysis from documents in structured and unstructured formats.

C3IT’s IDP solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing technology infrastructure and streamline workflows, improve operational efficiency, enhance data accuracy, boost productivity, and simplify compliance. These benefits will translate into a huge boost in your bottom line.

Optical character recognition (OCR) digitizes specific template-based documents but lacks searchability and data interpretation capabilities. Intelligent document processing (IDP) uses OCR along with AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to classify, extract and distribute data from structured and unstructured documents. Thus, IDP overcomes limitations in OCR and automates document processing with AI.

Yes, IDP extracts data from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents spread across all your data sources, including on-premises and cloud. IDP also understands context within the content using AI technologies and helps extract deeper insights.

IDP uses machine learning and natural language processing technologies to process handwritten text. IDP can also process documents with a mix of handwritten text and digital text with high accuracy.

C3IT’s IDP solutions use ML, NLP, OCR and computer vision to process documents. To store the processed documents, the IDP solutions integrate with repositories, such as your EPR, ECM, CRM, LOS, etc.