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Thursday, March 9, 2017
Just How Safe is Data Stored on the Cloud?
Chief among the concerns of small business owners about moving their data to the Cloud is security. But would it surprise you to learn that storing your data in the Cloud could be more secure than keeping it on-site? We'll talk about it in this issue.

How Safe is the Cloud?

In a recent speech at the Cloud Security Alliance in San Francisco, former National Security Agency (NSA) head and current CEO of IronNet Security Gen. Keith Alexander spoke about why moving to the Cloud made perfect sense for both small and mid-sized businesses. "Reading the Constitution, it says, 'for the common defense'; it doesn't say for the defense of only those that are really big and critical and for the rest of you, good luck," Alexander said. In essence, Alexander touted the team mentality available on the Cloud to businesses – small and large alike. Rather than every business being on their own in terms of security, successful defense strategies against bad actors are available online for common benefit.

Cloud More Safe Than Storing Data On-Site

Local servers and drives can be specifically targeted by hackers or stolen during break-ins. Cloud providers, however, are constantly beefing up their already robust security measures. For example, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the world's largest Cloud provider. To maintain the security of the data being stored there, AWS deploys hundreds of security controls – including data encryption – to keep the data protected.

How You Can Make Data on Cloud More Safe

With your business data, there' still a host of proactive measures you can take to step up the security of your data.  
  • All business computers and mobile devices should have encrypted and complex passwords
  • Team members should receive regular training so that they're aware of phishing attempts
  • Your Cloud-stored data should be encrypted

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