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Thursday, June 4, 2015
Know Is The Answer to Leveraging Social Content
The team at C3IT understands the power of social collaboration. Today's social media allows you to connect instantly with people who have the knowledge or skills you need. In fact, there is no easier way to gather a wide group of people into a common cause or the leverage both structured and unstructured knowledge than social applications. However, managing social collaboration is not always easy. In fact, it may be that you have too much information at your fingertips to make an easy decision!   In many cases, time is lost searching for information or people by those in your workplace. Do you need to instantly find answers to questions related to a product or a service? In most cases, you have to become a detective to find that information! Now, you can leverage Know, C3IT's perfect solution for knowledge management through social interaction.  

How Can "Social" Help My Workplace?

  Most people think of social collaboration as a leisure time activity, but this is a shortsighted view. Social collaboration is, on every level, what drives productivity. No one works in a vacuum; therefore, no matter how specialized your workers are, they still need input from others every single day.   Enter social collaboration, the lynchpin of information sharing. In some way, your workers are going to collaborate. Why not make it easy for them to do so by supplying them with a platform that allows them to find the right people for the job instantly?  

What Does Know Do?

  Know improves organizational performance by allowing people to share expertise. Your workers can now share past knowledge as well as collaborate to build new knowledge bases that help them meet today's challenges. Know connects the people who have the information with the people who need the information and allows your workers to find the resources they need to do their jobs quickly and easily.   However, Know is more than just a database. It helps you capture unstructured knowledge on the fly, build an organizational taxonomy or a codified document repository and gain insight by finding information from experts like articles or publications. You can easily codify and tag knowledge artifacts and conduct intuitive searches that include all the elements needed to point people in the right direction immediately. Know also includes communities, forums, video and audio content, blogs and wikis to help you bring knowledge together in one spot.   Know is compatible with Microsoft® SharePoint, Microsoft® Dynamics CRM and Microsoft® SQL Server. Call C3IT today to learn more!

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