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Thursday, March 23, 2017
How To Know It’s Time To Switch Cloud Providers
If you feel that your current cloud provider is holding your business back, it’s time to strongly consider finding a provider who can. In this issue, we’ll talk further about how to know it’s time to move on.

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Find a New Provider

Because the growth and safety of your business is at stake, and because relationships with vendors seldom last forever, it’s important to be able to recognize the warning signs that it’s time to move on from your current cloud provider. Those warning signs can include:
  • Lost data after an outage. Dependable storage and access to data were among the chief reasons you signed on with them in the first place, right? Incidents are guaranteed to happen; the key is to learn from them and move on. But moving on can be incredibly hard if the data has been lost forever.
  • You have to alert your provider that there are problems. A HUGE benefit of having a service provider is around-the-clock monitoring and reaction when things go south. If you’re the one telling them there’s a problem, well…there’s another problem.
  • Communication is a chore. Paying for a service and being made to feel as if you’re not a priority means one thing: for that provider, you’re not a priority. In the field of technology, crisp, accurate and prompt communication is essential for all parties involved.
  • Provider has limited infrastructure for your growth. Just about every industry has its peak times when traffic to your site and sales both jump. Your provider should have the capacity to handle these times with no trouble.

Have Questions About Cloud Solutions for Your Business? Call C3IT Solutions!

If you’ve got questions about how cloud-based solutions can help your business, we’d love to speak with you. Call us here at C3IT Solutions at 800-728-1441 or send an email.

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