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Thursday, February 25, 2016
Law Center: A Powerful Resource For Attorney Offices
A survey conducted by the American Bar Association revealed that, when it comes to case management software, the most important requirements of lawyers are:
  1. Centralized case information storage
  2. Document management
  3. Scheduling capabilities
  4. Ability to track time and billing
  5. Management of contacts
With Law Center, all five requirements are met. Law Center provides attorneys with a powerful one-stop storage hub that centralizes all pertinent information related to their cases. All documents – including correspondence with clients and other personnel, research material, time logs, invoices and other billing-related information – are easily stored in one convenient location where they can be easily searched using metadata information. In addition to storing information, you can use Law Center to schedule meetings with your clients, share information you deem relevant with other parties, and even assign and actually track action points decided upon in meetings. The powerful search engine feature is easy to use, and enables you to quickly search for and find relevant information from other cases as you work on a separate one. Because Law Center operates on a secure and single cloud-based platform, you can easily access your information from just about anywhere and limit access to information whenever you like. Available on Microsoft® SharePoint and Microsoft® SQL Server, Law Center helps your office to effectively comply with ISO, SEC and SOX standards. If you think your firm or office can benefit from Law Center, call C3IT today!

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