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Thursday, January 19, 2017
Learn How SharePoint and Office 365 Integration Can Help Your Business
Microsoft is making good on its promise to make SharePoint more accessible and easier-to-use. In early January, the company announced that it was (finally) integrating SharePoint Team Sites with Office 365 Groups. In this issue, we’ll talk about what this means.

Why is the integration such a good thing?

Simply put, this new integration streamlines the way teams communicate across enterprises. Team Sites is among the most popular components of SharePoint for collaboration. With it workers in different teams could work on joint projects. However, it’s a very large tool to use. Before the integration, Groups offered a scaled down version of Team Sites. When the Groups became bigger and relied on more resources, everything needed to be transferred over to a Team Site.

How do the two operate now?

The two are truly connected now. Once a work team creates a Group, the team automatically gets a Team Site. Also, when Office 365 Group users set up a Group, they’ll get a shared inbox, OneNote notebook, calendar and a fully-powered SharePoint team site.

How can I create a SharePoint Team Site that’s connected to Office 365 Groups?

It’s very easy. Here’s what to do: Click the “Create site” button on SharePoint’s homepage in Office 365 You’ll then see a 2-step creation wizard on the right side of your screen Step 1: Enter the title of the team’s site and decide whether the group will be private or public…then select “Next” Step 2: Enter the owners of the site and its members

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